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Part 3: Passive-Matrix Color LCD From 1987 Until Today


CASIO TV-7SEGA GameGear with TV-TunerCASIO TV-800Lenco TC 9008

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CASIO TV-7: Definitely one of the smallest "complete" color-TVs with rod antenna and speaker (73 * 110 * 25 mm). Sound-only mode, 55 mm screen size, 250 g with 3 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan around 1994.

SEGA GameGear/TV: The SEGA GameGear is based on a Zilog Z-80 CPU (8 bit) at 3.6 MHz - the same type as in the infamous home-computer Sinclair ZX81 (alias Timex TS1000). The good old ZX81 however, had only 1 kB RAM, the GameGear has 24 kB. You only need to attach the TV Tuner Adapter to your GameGear unit to receive TV broadcasts. Specifications and features: manual tuning, A/V-input jack, 81 mm screen size (160 * 144 pixels, 32 out of 4096 colors in game-mode), 640 g with 6 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan. A hint from The Real Game Gear FAQ: the TV Tuner is not made by SEGA and not every GameGear supports this device - if the model number of your GameGear starts with a letter, the tuner might not work.

CASIO TV-800: Nice cube-shaped  TV - Ultra-Compact according to an advert from 1987. Only 47 mm screen size, 360 g with 4 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan.

Lenco TC 9008: The all-in-one outdoor center (alias Supertech LCD 322) including AM/FM radio, alarm clock and flashlight. A/V-input jack, 80 mm screen size, 1200 g with 4 C-size and 3 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan.


CITIZEN T530CITIZEN M329 + TR-30SONY FDL-22Twinbird VL-9231

CITIZEN T530: Stylish folding design, AM/FM radio, A/V-input jack, 70 mm screen size, 500 g with 5 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan.

CITIZEN M329 + TR-30: Divide a TV set in two parts and you get this - the LCD color video-monitor M329 and the (basically independent) TV-receiver TR-30. The M329 (also known as TC56) has a detachable battery-pack for 4 or 6 AA-size batteries, which can also be used as a stand. 76 mm screen size, 170 g without batteries (plus 140 g for the TR-30 - including 2 AAA-size batteries). More details about the monitor on this data-sheet. Made in Japan.

SONY FDL-22: Unique cone-shaped TV with a Straptenna (cord handle serves as an antenna). 52 mm screen size, 300 g with 4 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan 1998.

Twinbird VL-9231 (alias Action ACN-5323): The TV set (not only) for your bathroom. Including water-resistant controls and AM/FM radio. A/V-input jack, 55 mm screen size, 1000 g with 4 C-size batteries. Made in Japan.



CASIO TV-100: In the mid 90s one of the best selling sets over here in Europe. This is almost unbelievable, because the TV-100 was equipped with one the most disappointing color LCD displays ever used in a pocket Television. The TV-100 was also available with a yellow case, and could be purchased at Radio Shack under the name Pocketvision 29. Only 31 mm screen size, 280 g with 4 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan 1993.

CASIO TV-2700: Did you know that there's a Television system, that is used in just one country? This TV-2700 is one of the very few sets, tuned for SECAM L - the TV standard in France (and nowhere else!). So, if you ever go to France, leave your portable TV at home - it wouldn't work anyway. 68 mm screen size, Innovative 4 standard Multi System, 460 g with 6 AA-size cells. Made in Japan.

CASIO JY-8 CL / JY-8 WD: How about a nice wooden frame on your desk? Watch Television virtually unnoticed with one of these beautiful sets! 58 mm screen size, no extras. Takes 4 AA-size batteries. Made in Japan 1998.

CASIO TV-6100: Hailed by CASIO as introducing A New Age of Television. I call it a nice collectible, but not even a small progress in Television history. 68 mm screen size, A/V-input jack, no battery compartment - you have to use an external power supply. Made in Japan 1987.

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